Welcome to the workplace of the future!
We're a community-led group of friends and professionals from around the world. We believe that people are inherently nice and by bringing together people at work over a simple meal we can spark ways to connect better and feel included. 

The digital world is making us disconnected. That's why we want to get offline, meet in person and commit together towards a common goal. That's why A Meal At Work exists.
In a nutshell, Meal at Work pops up in various workplaces around the world. You take care of the food, people, and venue. We provide a theme and a friendly toolkit for interaction.

Sounds good?

Now, we're looking for brilliant ambassadors and hosts who thrive in their community and want to build more inclusive workplaces.

Tell us your story…

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Are you willing to open your workplace during A Meal at Work to people who are not employees? *

For instance, local freelancers, partners or prospective employees, retired people etc.
What do you think could happen if people could meet and intentionally connect with each other over food? (Dream big) *

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Thank you for your interest in hosting Meal at Work! We'll review your application and get in touch via email. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@we-factory.co

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